Why Use Zift Hosted Payment Pages?

With all of the ways to integrate payments into your system such as APIs, shopping carts and hosted payment solutions why should you consider using Zift Hosted Payment Pages? Here are some reasons to help you understand why Zift Hosted Payment Pages are the right solution for any business.

Data Security

If you store it they will come. Credit card fraud and internet data security breaches are on the rise.   Hackers and Attackers are now focusing more on applications than the infrastructure supporting them.  The rule of 10:  For each high-profile data breach you hear about there are 10 you didn’t hear about.  For every 10 data breaches reported there are 10 more than are not.  This does not take into consideration the seemingly countless breaches that companies don’t know about yet. This means you have to be sure your application is sufficiently secure.   This alone makes outsourcing your payment to Zift’s Hosted Payment Pages a desirable option.   A hacker cannot steal what isn’t there.

Reduce PCI Scope

You are already assimilated – resistance is futile.  If you are a merchant processing credit cards then you are in scope.  To what degree you are in scope and the required method for certification is the better question.   Some merchants can get by with a simple SAQ while others like Zift must PCI DSS Level 1 certify.     There is a significant difference in the amount of time and money associated with these two extremes of the PCI certification.   Using Zift’s Hosted Payment Pages can offload the storage of sensitive payment data from your system to ours resulting in a reduced PCI scope and possibly reduce certification requirements.

Save time, money and resources

Don’t reinvent the wheel.  Smaller merchants that devote a lot of time to annual PCI audits and certification generally spend a lot of time and money on development resources related to payment integrations and payment portal features.   Using Zift’s Hosted Payment Pages not only helps those merchants reduce the costs associated with PCI certification but will also reduce the time, money and resources needed for payment integration.


Don’t sacrifice your branding to the look and feel of 1990’s web pages.   While it’s nice that other solutions let you update your company logo on their payment pages Zift takes that several steps further.  You are in full control of the HTML content of your Hosted Payment Page.  Whether you need to integrate into your own application or on a web page Zift Hosted Payment Pages can flex to meet your needs.

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