Release (5.2.0p) 6/23/16

Release (5.2.0p) 6/23/16 2018-01-15T18:05:29+00:00
Terminals Creation without Order
Implemented mechanism to allow for adding new terminals without previously created orders. You can now add new terminals to merchants with no previously submitted order using the Terminals form on the Merchant perspective. Additionally, the New Fulfillment Center form was enhanced with a Terminal Ordering Required checkbox that controls whether an order can be created or not.
Assign User to Owner
Enhanced permission-based security mechanism allowing to control what owner is associated with a particular user. You can now select a particular owner for both newly created and existing users all over the system. This option is available for human and service users. Previously, there was no ability to modify an owner for a particular user.

System Audit Notifications
Enhanced notification mechanism allowing to notify about a node in cluster environment where an error occurred. From system audit notifications, you can now obtain informationabout the exact node where errors occurred. Previously, there was no such detailed information for cluster environment.

Export and Find API Calls
Added ability to review additional information about transactions via export and find API calls. You can now retrieve customer account internal code and transaction internal code via export and find API calls for further reconcilliation with external systems, such as CRM. Previously, internal identifiers could not be retrieved.

Terminal Exchange or Return Mechanism
Enhanced terminal ordering mechanism allowing to return and exchange terminals. You can now either return or exchange previously ordered terminal if needed. Previously, only purchasing option was available in the gateway.

Merchant Configuration Export
Added ability to export merchant configuration. You can now export a list of merchants to check whether they are not set up or were updated with particular configurations. This can be done using Merchants form under Changes button on Audit perspective. Previously, this information was available only on the user interface.

DBA Name
Optimized validation on the Provisioning form. DBA name field is now required to be submitted via Provisioning form on Merchant perspective. Previously, this field was optional.

Fulfillment Order Number
Added ability to review a fulfillment order number on the user interface and within a Terminal Order report. You can now retrieve a number of a fulfillment order associated with a particular terminal using Orders form on Fulfillment and Merchant perspectives or Terminal Order report. Previously, this information was available only at the database level.

Token Removal
Fixed the issue with a token associated with a particular bank account not getting deleted along with merchant’s deposit information. Due to a bug, a token could not be removed from Deposit form on Merchant perspective when associated bank information was deleted manually. The issue is fixed now, and the system now automatically clears up token values associated with bank accounts for cases when all bank information used for funding is removed.

Aggregated Validation Files
Added ability to generate validation files for aggregated merchants. Validation files can now be generated for submitted files that are aggregated under associated merchants. Previously, validation files could be received only for files that have not been aggregated.

Terminal Credentials
Added reporting on serial number, activation code and shipping date of a terminal. You can now get information about a serial number, activation code and shipping date of a particular terminal using Terminal report and Terminals form on Portfolio perspective. Also you can now locate terminals by a particular serial number using the same form. Additionally, Terminals form was added to Reseller perspective. Previously, there was no ability to retrieve serial number, activation code and shipping date of a terminal at one place.

HPP Support
Added ability to perform sale and credit API operations with convenience fee included via hosted payment page. You can now make sale-auth, credit-auth and credit operations with convenience fees when the hosted payment page is used. Previously, sales with convenience fees were only supported for hosted payment pages.

Reseller Attachment
Adjusted merchant validation mechanism by limiting the ability to attach resellers to merchant accounts. You can now assign a reseller to a merchant only. If there is an attempt to attach a particular reseller to a merchant account, the following validation message will be received: “Operation is not supported for accounts”. Previously, resellers could be assigned to both merchants and merchant accounts, which could sometimes lead to different resellers being assigned to a merchant and its associated account.

States and Time Zones
Extended the list of time zones and states available within the system. You can now select any available time zone according to the desired location. Additionally, states for Russia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE were added. Previously, only US, UK, Australia and Spain states and an incomplete list of time zones were available within the system.

Terminal Order List Form
Added Terminal Order List form to Reseller perspective. You can now access the Terminal Order List form and Terminal Order report using the Reseller perspective. Previously, this form and report were available only on the Merchant and Fulfillment perspectives.

Attach Reseller to Portfolio
Added ability to assign a reseller to a particular portfolio. You can now attach a reseller to a portfolio while creating a new reseller or modifying an existing one. Previously, only merchants could be associated with a portfolio.

No Bug Fixes for this release