Release (5.1.0h) 2/23/16

Release (5.1.0h) 2/23/16 2018-01-15T18:05:30+00:00
No New Logic for this release
Terminal Order Sending Time Settings
Changed delivery time settings for terminal orders to be submitted to TPG.All approved terminal orders can now be sent for further processing with TPG five time per day with 8 PM (server time) the latest. Previously, all orders were submitted at 9 PM and associated issues (if any) could be resolved only the next day.

Portfolio Role Access Parameters
Enhanced permission mechanism to restrict users access to merchants under a different portfolio. Users with Portfolio 1 role now do not have access to the portfolios which they are not bound to. Previously, user could see all the portfolios.

Auto-completion On Payment Pages
Optimized paypages data security mechanism. Word completion of sensitive data is not allowed now on hosted payment pages. All submitted data, such as credit card/bank account number, CSC, etc is not stored within the system. Previously, this information could be autocompleted by a customer who had made a transaction through a HPP before.

Terminal Logs on User Perspective
Added ability to review terminal logs on User Perspective. You can now use UI to view and analyze terminal logs associated with a particular merchant. Previously, terminal logs were available for review only on database level.

Terminals Search Form
Added ability to locate terminals available within the system. You can now easily search for any terminal available within the system. For this purpose a new form – Terminals Search – was added, which allows to locate a particular terminal by several search criteria, as well as change terminal parameters. Previously, terminal associated with a particular merchant could be found only by its terminal order number.

No Bug Fixes for this release.