Release (5.1.0) 2/2/16

Release (5.1.0) 2/2/16 2018-01-15T18:05:30+00:00
Automatic Statement Reconciliation Mechanism
Added mechanism for automatic reconciliation of merchant statements based on Transaction Detail report available with the processor.

Convenience Fees Form
Implemented new form – Convenience Fees, which allows to manage the rules for convenience fee calculation.

API Convenience Fee Request
Added ability to calculate a convenience fee for a particular transaction via API.

New Format of MasterCard BINs
Added support for newly-introduced BIN range for MasterCard. Starting with October 2016, MasterCard extends their BIN range with 2 series. The system now allows to process MasterCard credit cards starting with both 2 and 5 series. Previously, only 5 series MasterCard BINs processing was supported within the system.

EBT Cards Processing
Added ability to emulate EBT card processing within Host Emulator. You can now test EBT cards while testing your integration with host emulator. To test EBT functionality, account type value should be properly indicated according to the gateway specification.

User Master Report
Implemented User Master Report. The purpose of this report is to retrieve detailed information about a user including general and contact information, as well as portfolios, resellers and merchants available to a user. The report is available in PDF format under Users List form on Audit perspective.
User Audit Report

Implemented User Audit report.
The purpose of this report is to provide information about failed login attempts of users as well as expiration dates of their user accounts. The report is available in HTML, CSV and PDF formats under Analysis section in reports.

Terminal Validation Error Notification
Added mechanism which allows to send terminal validation error messages to merchant’s notify URL.
Merchants can now receive notifications about terminal transactions with validation errors to the specified notify URLs. Previously, realtime validation errors could not be received when a hosted payment page is used.

Fulfillments Profile
Implemented new merchant profile group – Fulfillments – which allows to configure a profile for merchant’s fulfillment center. You can now set up a fulfillment center for the processing of merchant terminal orders.

Deferred Tokenization
Implemented mechanism which allows processing of deferred tokenization requests. For cases when a terminal is operated in attached mode, you can now submit a deferred tokenization request without raw card data and subsequently retrieve this request from the system in order to add the card number and complete tokenization operation. Previously, deferred tokenization was not supported within the system.

View Receipt Info Form
Implemented new form called View Receipt Info allowing for retrieval of detailed information about terminal order receipts. Added View Receipt Info button and respective form with detailed receipt information to the terminal order related forms on Fulfillment and Merchant perspectives.

Transaction Capture
Added ability to manually capture a transaction on the user interface. Additionally, all options related to the transaction processing flow were combined into one button – Actions. You can now manually initiate a capture for a particular unsettled transaction on the UI. The respective button, as well as all buttons associated with transaction processing and reprocessing, are now logically grouped together for easier access.

Convenience Fee Transaction in Original Sale
Added ability to trace the Convenience fee transaction – Original transaction chain. You can now view the original sale for which a convenience fee transaction was created. Conversely, you can also view the convenience fee transaction for a given sale. Previously, there was no visibility as to the correlation between sales and their respective convenience fee transactions.

Retail Cycle Code in API
Extended API response with additional field – cycleCode. You can now obtain a retail transaction cycle ID in an API transaction response. Perviously, the cycle which a transaction belonged to was not identifiable within the API. Specified field is returned in API responses for Sale, Sale-Auth, Sale-Info, Credit, Credit-Auth, Credit-Info, Void, Refund, Capture, Increment, Balance Inquiry, Account Verification, Transfer, Activate, Deactivate, Reactivate, Convenience Fee, Create Alias, Delete Alies operations. Please, review Suported Operations under realtime API specification for more details.

Account Update Processing
Enhanced the logic of account update responses processing within the system. CAU response files are now processed within the system based on processor’s response codes, so that the records containing no updated information are ignored. Previously, fields containing no updated card data were automatically populated with original values.

Input source for Non-EMV Transactions
Enhanced API mechanism for non-EMV transactions. You can now obtain entryMediumType and entryModeType values in API responses for all transactions including the non-EMV ones. Previously, this value could only be returned for EMV transactions.

Search of Merchants by Remitter
Added ability to find merchants by a remitter as a search criteria. You can now locate merchants associated with a particular remitter on Modify Selection form. Previously, there was no ability to search merchants by remitter.

Tokens in Subscription Files
Added ability to transmit tokens in subscription files. You can now submit subscription files without raw sensitive data included. Tokenized account numbers can be used instead. Previously, there was no ability to transmit subscriptions files with tokens.

Bank Holidays of 2016
Extended gateway holiday list with bank holidays of 2016.Added Canadian and Australian bank holidays of 2016 to the gateway holiday list. Previously, only US bank holidays of 2016 were available within the system.

Proxynization Scripts Removal
Added automatic removal mechanism for completed API proxynization scripts. Proxynization scripts containing sensitive data will now be automatically removed from a customer’s device once the API request is processed. Previously, scripts were removed only after the page was refreshed.

Batch Processing Policy Default Value
Added ability to control merchant batch processing policy on both system and portfolio levels. You can now predefine the default value of batch processing policy either for all merchants within the system, or for merchants associated with a particular portfolio. Previously, batch processing policy could be set for every merchant separately.

Account Number Tokenization
Enhanced tokenization mechanism. Added ability to tokenize account numbers for cases when masked value is provided in the tokenization batch file. Previously, system could not process files with masked account numbers being supplied.

Batch File Display Limit
Expanded the limit of displayed batch submissions on Batch List form.You can now view up to 1000 batch files on the Batch List form. Previously, there was a limit of 200 batch files available for review.

Refund Period Limit
Enhanced refund issuing mechanism in regards to the permission policy. You can now limit the time period of when a refund can be issued for a transaction. By default, all users are not pemitted to issue refunds in 90 days after the initial sale was made.

ZIP Code Format
Added ability to use letters in ZIP code. You can now specify both digits and letters in ZIP Code value. Previously, ZIP code field could include digits only.

Remitter Merchant Searching
Added ability to search for Remitter merchants on Merchant perspective. You can now easily locate Remitter merchants on Select Merchants form. Previously, there was no ability to defile such search criteria when modifying merchant selection.

View Transaction Form Enhancement
Rearranged fields on View Transaction form and extended the form with additional transaction information. You can now view both void and fallback reasons, as well as the card entry information for a particular transaction on View Transaction form. Additionally, groupboxes and associated fields on this form were re-organized to better correspond their functionality.

Account Update Transactions Splitting
Added mechanism which allows to automatically split Account Update batch files into sub-batches. You can now submit big CAU files for processing. All files containing more than 50k transactions will be split into sub-batches. This allows to process CAU files with processors that have transaction limits for submitted batch files. In addition, optimized token processing logic for Account Update. Previously, if a processor had a limit for submitted transactions, big CAU files could be rejected. Additionally, the mechanism of AU token validation was added.

AU Responses Delivery Mode
Added ability to set the delivery mode for Account Update response files. You can now control if updated credit card numbers obtained in CAU response file should be automatically tokenized, by selecting the respective account update delivery mode in tokenization profile of a particular merchants. Previously, updated CC numbers were tokenized by default.

BIN And 3D Secure Check Information
Added ability to view BIN and 3D Secure check information for transactions. You can now see BIN and 3D Secure check information on View Transaction form. Previously, this information was not available.
Merchant Accounts Limit

Optimized merchant account creation mechanism.
You can now add up to 999 merchant accounts to a merchant. Previously, a number of merchant account was not controlled by the system.

State on Holidays List Form
Added ability to add a holiday for a particular state.You can now select an appropriate state while adding or modifying a holiday on Setup perspective. Previously, holidays could be added for countries only.

Test Terminals for Merchants
Added ability to create test terminals while creating a new merchant and/or merchant account. You can now create terminals for testing while creating a new merchant/merchant account via API or New Merchant form on Merchant perspective. Previously, there was no ability to create terminals at the same time when a merchant or merchant account is created.

Convenience Fee on Receipts
Added ability to retrieve fee amount as a part of API sale response. You can now see the information about convenience fee included in sale transaction on your receipt. Previously, no fee information was shown on either merchant or customer receipts.

Test PIN Keys
Enhanced validation mechanism for the fields associated with test PIN keys on the user interface. You can now indicate both digits and characters for BDK and KSN keys associated with a particular processor on System perspective. Previously, only digits could be used for PIN keys.

Expiration Date on HPPs
Added ability to select any relevant year up to 2022 for an expiration date while making a transaction using a hosted payment page. Expiration date range was extended to 2022. Additionally, all years prior to 2016 were removed from the respective dropdown. Previously, only 2015-2019 years could be selected.

Files Form Enhancement
Added ability to locate files by a file name and a date of submission or response on Merchant perspective. You can now find submitted files and received responses by their name and respective date using Files form on Merchant perspective. Previously, only search by status and type of a file was available.

Actions with Files
Reorganized and renamed buttons related to batch processing. All buttons related to file processing were regrouped to correspond their logical use. Additionally, buttons available for administrative actions were renamed.

Email Validation Mechanism Enhancement
Enhanced range of possible characters in emails. Validation mechanism for supported emails was enhanced and ‘+’ sign can be used within the system.

Account Update for Subscription Files
Account update for subscription files is now supported within the system. You can now submit subscribed customer data for CAU processing.

Error Form Enhancement
Enhanced Error form on Audit perspective. Added error time value to the log list and re-sized groupboxes to better correspond their functionality.

Error Detail Form Enhancement
Extended Error Detail form with additional fields. You can now view error code and error message of a particular error on Audit perspective. Previously, this information was not available for review.

Contactless EMV Tags for TSYS
Added ability of EMV tags processing for contactless cards for TSYS. Processing of EMV tags for contactless cards is now supported with TSYS.

Tokens in Transaction Export Report
Enhanced Transaction Export report format allowing to see information about tokens. You can now get information about customer tokens associated with transactions within the gateway via Transaction Export and Transaction Export All Available Merchants reports. Previously, tokens were shown only in the details of particular transaction on the user interface or in the database.

Recurring Payment Creation
Enhanced payment creation mechanism for recurring billing customers. Both country and state values for manually created payments are now taken from customer’s contact information stored within the system. Previously, these data had to be manually entered every time when a new payment was created.

Terminal Pending Transaction Void
Added notification mechanism for voided terminal pending transactions. For cases when a void is issued for a terminal pending transaction, you can now be notified by the system via notify URL. The mechanism is available for terminals in attached mode only. Previously, such notification mechanism was not supported within the system.

Void Reason in API
Extended API Void response with additional field. For cases when a terminal is operated in attached mode, you can now identify the reason of a particular void by getting the specific code in API Void response. The information can be retrieved in voidResponceCode field. Please review Supported operations under Terminals APIs in documentation for more details.

Terminal Receipt Printing Order
Added ability to set the receipt printing order for terminal payments. You can now control the printing order of terminal receipts for a particular terminal – either a receipt is printed out for a customer first or for a merchant. Previously, only customer copy of a receipt could be automatically printed out once a payment is received.

Support Phone for Terminal Order
Rearranged buttons on Terminal Order Modify form and added Support phone field.You can now specify support phone number for a particular terminal order on Terminal Order Modify form. Additionally, all buttons and groupboxes available at this form are reorganized to correspond their functionality.

Tip Amount in Pending Transactions
Enhanced validation mechanism for terminal pending transactions. You can now indicate tip amount associated with pending transactions made through a terminal. Previously, validation mechanism for tip amount in terminal transactions was not supported within the system.

Terminal Cache Reset
Added ability to reset a terminal in Provisioned status. You can now reset a Provisioned terminal to prepare it for further operation. Previously, there was no ability to reset terminal cache.

Terminal Connectivity Settings
Extended Terminal Parameters form with two fields for additional connectivity settings. You can now specify host and port for a terminal associated with a particular merchant when using cloud integration with POS. Previously, there was no ability to add and store these connectivity settings within the system.

Terminal Receipt Enhancement
Extended terminal receipt template with additional transaction details. You can now view merchant’s service phone and work hours on a terminal receipt for a particular transaction. In addition, decline codes for rejected transactions were added. Previously, this information was available only within the gateway.

Customer Receipt via Email
Enhanced terminal receipt delivery mechanism. You can now receive customer receipt via email. Previously, a receipt could be retrieved only via gateway and terminal. Receipt can be retrieved with upload-resource API request. Please refer to Supported Operations under Real-Time API specification for more details.

Signature Confirmation
Added ability to enable Signature confirmation feature for a terminal. You can now control if a cardholder’s signature confirmation should be required for a terminal associated with a particular merchant. Previously, there was no ability to enable this feature on the user interface.

Terminal Configuration via API
Implemented mechanism allowing terminals to get EMV configuration. You can now submit a respective API request to upload an EMV configuration to a terminal. Previously, this information could be uploaded manually only. EMV configuration can be uploaded with get-configuration API request. Please refer to Supported Operations under TMS API specification for more details.

Shipping Forms Enhancement
Added ability to review shipping method value in a processor’s format. You can now retrieve shipping method value from Item Number field on shipping related forms on Fulfillment perspective to use it for further communication with a processor.

Terminal Update Levels
Added ability to select level of a terminal to get respective terminal updates. You can now select which terminal updates will be downloaded by your terminal: alpha, beta, release or development updates. Previously, only POS terminal updates were available.

Blacklisted Transaction Status
Fixed the issue with blacklisted transactions displaying incorrect status. Due to a bug, incorrect statuses were assigned to some blacklisted transactions on the gateway. The issue is fixed now, and all blacklisted payments are displaying accurate information.

Recurring Billing Address
Fixed the issue with incorrect customer address information in payment details. Due to a bug, an incorrect state value was selected when creating a new payment for recurring billing customer. The issue is fixed now, and address information contains accurate data.

Merchant Activity by Agent
Fixed the issue with Merchant activity by Agent report containing irrelevant data. Due to a bug, Merchant activity by Agent report could not collect accurate data from the system. The issue is fixed now and the report generating mechanism works as expected.

Dynamic Descriptor Value
Fixed the issue with dynamic descriptor value being incorrectly displayed. Due to a bug, particular transactions were submitted for processing with incorrect dynamic descriptor value. The issue is fixed now, and the correct value is used for all transactions.

Sales Analysis Report
Fixed the issue with Sales Analysis report not getting generated. Due to a bug, Sales Analysis report displayed no data for selected parameters. The issue is fixed now, and reporting mechanism works as expected.

PIN Debit Transaction Error
Fixed the issue with PIN Debit transactions returning an error while testing an integration. Due to a bug, PIN Debit transactions made within the host emulator failed. The issue is fixed now, and PIN Debit API requests are processed as expected.

API Requests for Service Users
Fixed the issue with inability to run API transactions for service users. Due to a bug, newly created service users were not able to make API calls within the system. The issue is fixed now, and service users have full access to API.

Refund Decline
Fixed the issue with refunds being declined within the system. Due to a bug, there was no ability to refund sale transactions. The issue is fixed now, and refund mechanism works as expected.

Deposit Analysis Report
Fixed the issue with the Deposit Analysis report missing Visa and Master Card prepaid transactions. Due to a bug, Visa and Master Сard prepaid transactions were not included in the Deposit Analysis report. The issue is fixed now, and all types of transactions are included in the report.

Merchant Statement Recipient List
Fixed the issue with inability to update merchant statement recipient list. Due to a bug, there was no ability to save changes to merchant statement recipient list. The issue is fixed now, and the list can be properly updated.

Final Responses for Transactions in Rebill
Fixed the issue with transaction responses being incorrectly delivered to merchants. Due to a bug, declined transactions with enabled Rebill feature were returned to merchants as final responses. The issue is fixed now, and responses are delivered as expected.

Amex Transactions in Forward Status
Fixed the issue with Amex transactions not getting processed within the host emulator. Due a bug, sub-batches with Amex transactions got stuck in Forward status and could not be processed while testing an integration with the host emulator. The issue is fixed now, and Amex transactions are processed as expected.

Batch Transactions Refunding
Fixed the issue with inability to refund particular batch transactions. Due to a bug, there was no ability to issue refunds for batch transactions for cases when a batch cycle was manually closed. The issue is fixed now, and all batch transactions can be refunded.

Merchant Statement Export Mismatch
Fixed the mismatch between Merchant Statement Export report and Merchant Statement Export All Available Merchants. Due to a bug, there were some discrepancies between two reports – Merchant Statement Export and Merchant Statement Export All Available Merchants. The issue is fixed now, and both reports include accurate data.

API for Deferred Transactions
Fixed the issue with API requests for deferred terminal transactions not getting properly transmitted. Due to a bug, fields entryMediumType, entryModeType, entryPinModeType, terminalCapabilityMode could not be properly submitted in API requests for deferred transactions, when a terminal was operated in attached mode. The issue is fixed now, and the fields are correctly transmitted.

EMV Transaction Processing
Fixed the issue with particular EMV transactions not getting properly submitted for processing. Due to a bug, some of EMV transactions were submitted for processing with credit card numbers instead of track data. The issue is fixed now, and all EMV transactions are performed as expected.

Issuing Credits on UI
Fixed the issue with inability to issue credits for successfull transactions on UI. Due to a bug, button used for issuing credits on user interface was not available for particular transactions. The issue is fixed now, and the button works as expected.

Statement Review
Fixed the issue with merchant statements not getting automatically approved. Due to a bug, merchant statements had to be manually approved for all merchants including those having Statement Review feature disabled. The issue is fixed now, and statement review mechanism works as expected.