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Activate Petly Payments – Create Merchant Accounts

This is an example of how you can create Zift merchants for your platform to process both credit card and ACH transactions. In reality, the process is highly customizable and gives you a lot of control over the process. If you want you can collect all the information on your site and send us the merchant information through our API, or you can send them straight to our hosted sign up page (like this example).

By creating a merchant you will receive a Zift ‘accountID’ which you can use to process transactions for the Petly Plans user through your platform. Our merchant creation and boarding process turns what can sometimes take a few weeks (and requires new users to fill out numerous applications for numerous third parties) into a few minutes.

New users also don’t have to figure out how to locate their API login and transaction key to connect their gateway to their Petly Plans account. That process happens automatically by virtue of the Zift ‘accountID’.

Ready to give it a try? Just click the Activate Payments button to the right to get an idea of how easy setting up a merchant account for a new Petly Plans user could be.

Set Up Your Payment Processing

  • Frictionless setup
  • Simple CC pricing (2.9% + 30¢)

  • Simple ACH pricing (0.89%)

  • Secure payment experience
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