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Cutting Edge Payment Technology

Meticulously designed robust service oriented architecture, combined with innovative
front-end technology and leading payment industry support.

Core Zift Features



Easily track transactions and create detailed reports. Gain valuable business insights and see how money is moving through your platform.


Recurring Billing

Customize any recurring billing model for memberships, software platforms, subscription-based business, and more.


Multiple Payment Types

Process credit, debit and ACH transactions all from a single point of integration.


Payment Orchestration

Customized payments for marketplaces. Split out payments for sellers and their providers or affiliates.


Hosted Payment Pages

Allow customers to enter their payment information on our secure servers. Your company doesn’t have to touch sensitive payment information, reducing your overall PCI scope.


Fully Consumable API

Powerful APIs built for developers that provide numerous integration options that you can leverage as part of your payments solution.


Merchant Creation

Effortlessly create merchant accounts for your users on your platform. Eliminate additional gateways and lengthy underwriting.


Retail Transactions

Process card present retail transactions. Process transactions through stand alone, semi-integrated or fully integrated terminals. Reduce PCI scope and simplify terminal configurations.



Process secure transactions through your website or platform utilizing our API.

Customized Solutions

Our payment solutions can be fully integrated and customized within your system or platform.
Work with our API to customize a solution to meet the unique needs of your business and offering.

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Card Present and Card Not Present transactions.

With our terminal cloud you can deploy terminals to your users or locations and manage the customer experience through a single API and point of integration for card present retail transactions, over the phone or online.

Single Point of Integration
Tired of multiple logins? Are you managing multiple gateways, processors and API’s?
Does it take forever to get something done? Simplify and consolidate your payments with Zift.

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Secure Data

You can be passive, active, pro-active or you can be all three.


Data and system security breaches do not require a Zombie apocalypse but we like to protect your data as much as we like to protect our brains.

We actively maintain our PCI DSS level 1 compliance and consider PCI certification requirements the absolute minimum for system security. We believe system and data security is an ongoing effort combining passive, active and pro-active controls.

While all merchants are required to be PCI compliant this proactive approach to security combined with Zift’s innovative system designs can help reduce your overall PCI data storage exposure and scope.

A journey of a single point
is a short journey.

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