Quick Start Guide

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The purpose of our quick start guide is to help you become familiar with our API and some of our basic operations. We utilize a basic REST API which is called via method POST over HTTPS. Requests should contain the API Operation, Authentication Information, and related information specific to the API Operation being performed.

The examples in this Quick Start Guide show basic API calls.   However, there are more options outlined in our processing and billing API references.

Where To Send Your API Requests – API Endpoints

When starting your integration we recommended that you use our sandbox environment. Once you are satisfied with your integration you can connect to our production system. Below are the API endpoints for our sandbox and production.

  • Production: https://secure.ziftpay.com/gates/xurl?
  • Sandbox: https://sandbox-secure.ziftpay.com/gates/xurl?

Your credentials will be different for each environment.